Scrap Yard

Serving scrap yards with industrial baler equipment

BSQ Series

Horizontal Densifier Series, low to high volumes. Fully automatic operation, no tie-off of finished “bricks” is required. Designed for aluminum cans, chips and turnings. Special application model for “dust” type materials as well.

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BSQ Series Industrial Baler Equipment

SMB Series

Vertical Baler Series, light to moderate volume. Manual operation. Designed specifically for Non-ferrous scrap metals. Bale weights up to 4,000lbs.

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SMB Series Industrial Baler Equipment

Titan Series

Full Eject Wide Box Horizontal Baler Series, moderate to mid-range volumes. Semi-automatic operation, manual tie off of finished bales. Easy change-over on multiple material operations. Good for OCC (cardboard), Paper, Plastics, and UBC/Steel Cans. Specialty units for Foam and Non-Ferrous applications.

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Titan Series Industrial Baler Equipment

TR Series

Two-Ram Horizontal Balers, mid-range to high volumes. Fully automatic operation including automatic tie-off of finished bales via Strapping Unit. Allows full ejection of each finished bale for easy material change-overs. Handles most materials, even Non-Ferrous applications on some models.

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TR Series Industrial Baler Equipment