Parts & Service


Visit Our New Baler Parts Website

Our Parts Department stocks a wide variety of commonly needed baler components, and can special order other items when needed. Most items, if not in stock, can be ordered and shipped quickly. Other items, such as some cylinders, usually require a delivery time of at least several weeks.

If you are purchasing replacement parts or just ordering parts to keep in stock, it is best to plan ahead to make sure that the parts are there when you need them.

Don’t forget that we also carry a full line of baling wire and other consumable items.

We can ship worldwide, and offer various shipping options to fit the individual customer’s needs.

You can also set up a customer account with us. Call for more information on how to set up an account today, so you can get the parts you need when you need them.


Visit Our New Baler Services Website

Our Service Department is ready to help you when you get into a jam. We offer in-house (phone or e-mail) service help and also offer on-site service should you need further assistance.

International Baler Corporation prides itself on standing behind what we sell, and back that up with one of the best service departments in the industry.

We also have a nationwide network of local service shops to help us to provide quick response time should field service be required.